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  • What kind of products does Minya offer?
    Minya provide precision machined parts for customers of worldwide, such as CNC Milling components, CNC Turned components, stamping components, casting components and forging components. The available material: Steel, SS steel, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc alloy.
  • Is Minya a manufacturer?
    We are manufacture and exporter of Machined parts, and we have own machine shop in Beilun, Ningbo to mainly doing precision CNC turning, CNC milling, stamping etc. The die-casting pieces, forged pieces, aluminum extrusion are provided by our supplier.
  • How to get the quotation from Minya?
    It is very easy, just send us the drawing, quantity, requirements, our colleagues will submit our official quotation within 48 hours.
  • Does Minya can provide samples before you place order?
    Of course, we will produce samples for your approval before order placed, we also will be issue inspection report of the samples.
  • How can I ensure that the correct material is used in my order?
    Our raw material suppliers are requested to testing the material when it is ready and issue the material report to showing the mechanical properties and chemical compositions. It is a stamped material report, so it is legally binding. We could send the material report to customer, this action should be 2-3 weeks after order placed.
  • Product inspection
    In addition to the during production quality control, we conduct AQL sampling inspection before shipment and submit the inspection report to customers. Our report is impartial and detailed. We will rework and reinspect if the customer does not accept certain defects like some dimensions are not accord to tolerance.
  • Lead time of sample and order?
    Sample: 1-3 weeks
    Order: 25-45 days. We will confirm with customer before the order placed if there is a special case.
  • How do Minya handle the quality complaints?
    We take every complaint seriously, and will act immediately after verification, work with customer actively to consultation. For the quality problems, we accept the goods compensation, payment compensation or return of the goods to rework (we shoulder the 100% of freight charge)
  • Does Minya design products or parts?
    We cannot design products or parts, we only produce the parts which you designed according to drawings.
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