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Swiss turning Services
Products: Precision swiss turned parts, Precision turned components, Custom turning parts, Precision turning parts

Swiss machining often applied to producing small and complex mechanical components and slender parts with high precision. The characteristics of continuous production is an obvious cost advantages in large quantity production. Swiss turning process is similar to CNC lathe machining, but it usually faster turning and more accurate than lathe machining, so it will be more efficient.

The material we can use in swiss screw machined parts: Steel, SS steel, Titanium alloy, Brass, Aluminum alloy and others.
  • Tolerance: +/-0.01mm
  • Roughness: Ra 0.2~1.6
  • Range of Diameter: 0.5~36mm
  • Material: Steel, SS steel, Aluminum, Copper etc.
  • Finishing: Heat treatment, Zinc/Nickel/ Chrome Plating, Polishing, Welding, Painting, Anodize.
  • Machining Equipment: Swiss machines
  • Industries & Applications: Automotive, Electronics, Machinery Industry, Fire Industry, Irrigation Industry, Oil Industry.
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