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Quality Control
Our quality control system runs through the raw materials check, production line and pre-shipment inspection. Every stage must be conducted strictly to make the production go smoothly and quality products delivered. We use CMM, measuring projector, salt spray tester etc. to check quality to ensure the stability of quality.

Raw material measuring
Our suppliers provide us with all kinds of raw material such as steel hexagonal bars, die-casting pieces or customized aluminium profiles. We are measure the raw material as soon as we received it, unqualified raw material will be returned.
Material report
We order raw material from material supplier according to drawing or customer’s requirement, we request the supplier to provide us the material report (includ chemical composition & mechanical properties) before the raw material delivery, this report is official and with supplier’s stamp, and it has legal efficiency.
We can send the material report to customer if required. We also verify the actual data on report to ensure that the correct material used.
Thread inspection
We usually use thread plug gages (Go & No-Go for each) to inspect thread parts, No-Go plug is allowed a maximum of 3 turns. Sometimes we also measure the ID or OD if drawing required.
Our common thread processing including cutting thread, tapping, rolling etc., if use un-correct processing or wrong fixture that might be lower the precision of thread. On other hand, the sharp corner of the thread is easy to drop when parts in plating process, it caused to reduce the OD. We inspect the turned thread components according to AQL standard, and will conduct 100% check at the second inspection if the failed parts over 3% at first time.
Roughness and Scratches
Metal debris could be glued to the milling/drill cutter possibly during machining because it is high speed rotation and high temperature, which would lower the roughness at the inner hole or profile even scratches.
We do visual inspection during production, so that we can remove the defectives parts and correction the problem timely. Our standard is the roughness and scratches failed within 1% at final inspection.

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